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About Me

I am a PhD Candidate (ABD) and Course Instructor in Communication and Media Studies at Carleton University. My research area focuses on online feminist activism and critical Internet research. I am also a graduate researcher blogging at the ALiGN Media Lab.

I earned my MA in Women’s and Gender Studies. During my MA, I co-founded the Women and Technology Conference with two other graduate students at Carleton University. The success of the conference led to us organizing a second one in 2015. Check out the Women and Technology page to learn more. For more about my research and project experience, check out my LinkedIn profile.

Outside of my school work, I am committed to furthering girls' and women’s issues through my volunteer work and my participation in community events. Some of the topics of my presentations included: social media, online sexual violence, media representations of women/girls. For more information, please see my News and Updates, Press page, or contact me (info in footer).

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